Excerpts from Literature

Calpax is an insoluble, nonhygroscopic, mildly abrasive fine powder. It is an inexpensive filler that can be used as a diluent for acidic, neutral and basic compounds. It has a high absorption capacity for oils. However it is essentially nonadsorptive of organic bases so that drug-excipient interactions due to sorption are minimized.... It can be used with a wide range of drugs..... When granulated with polymer solutions viz. Starch, Gums, Polyvinyl-pyrrolidone or Methylcellulose the tablets will generally not harden with passage of time.

The same author has recommended use of Calpax as main filler even in Vitamin B12 tablets.

Other authors like Block et al. have confirmed above observation in their book, titled “Inorganic Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Chemistry”.

Taking a cue from the literature, Paxy Chem has developed Calpax in different grades which serve as an ideal bulk excipient for tablets / capsules.


It has been found that Calpax Enhances;

1. Hardness of the tablets
2. Helps in falling apart of sticky matrix in D.T. apparatus and. helps in faster disintegration
3. Direct compressibility
4. Uniformity of colour distribution in coloured tablets
5. Whiteness and shining of the tablets with smooth finish

And CALPAX Minimizes:

1. Separation of dust from the compressed tablets
2. Setting process in tablets on storage i.e.
     friability and disintegration time remain the same during shelf life.
3. Wear-Tear of dies & punches.